Read on for a description on list Hannah Montana episodes, as well as info on its original air dates and original filming sequence on the production code.


Episode 1
Title: Lilly, Do You Want to Know a Secret?
Production Code: 101
Original Air Date: March 24th 2006
Plot:¬†Miley’s best friend, Lilly, gets two tickets to the show of the hottest pop star of the moment, Hannah Montana, and invites her fellow bffl and she obviously can’t accept it under the excuse of not liking Hannah Montana (to much concern of her friends). Meanwhile her Dad, Robbie, encourages her to tell Lilly the truth without much luck because she’s afraid of being treated differently. She’ll later regret it when Lilly sneaks in her dressing room after the concert.

Episode 2
Title: Miley, Get Your Gum
Production Code: 103
Original Air Date: March 31st 2006
Plot: Oliver is madly in love with Hannah Montana and determinated to be Mr. Hannah Montana, terrifing Miley that he might in fact be in love with her if he found out her secret. In a desperated attempt to make him fall out of love with Hannah, Lilly and Miley come up with a plan related to chewing gum.

Episode 3
Title:¬†She’s A Supersneak
Production Code: 105
Original Air Date: April 7th 2006
Plot:¬†Robbie orders his kids, Miley and Jackson, to stay in Satuday night to study but the two sneak out to the movies. The story has a turn when to their surprise they find their Dad at the movies too… with a date! After

Episode 4
Title:¬†I Can’t Make You Love Hannah If You Don’t
Production Code: 108
Original Air Date: April 14th 2006
Plot: Miley goes on a date with a guy who ends up telling her that he hates Hannah Montana. Realizing how much it means to Miley, he decides to give the singer a chance by getting tickets for himself and Miley to see Hannah Montana in concert, causing Miley a million problems to keep her second identity undercover. In an efford to make him change his mind she plays with her public persona onstage for example trying to rap.

Episode 5
Title:¬†It’s My Party And I’ll Lie If I Want To
Production Code: 102
Original Air Date: April 21st 2006
Plot:¬†After being embarrased by her bestfriend, Lilly, backstage at one of her concerts Miley lies to her about a pop-star birthday party being cancelled, and ends up going solo. Unfortunately she’s caught in the act by the paparazzi, leading up to a media fuzz the next day which Miley desperatly tries to hide from Lilly.

Episode 6
Title:¬†Grandmas Don’t Let Your Babies grow Up To Be Favorites
Production Code: 109
Original Air Date: April 28th 2006
Plot: The Stewart family recives the visit of their paternal grandmother, which causes Miley quite dispare for not getting as much attention of her as her older brother Jackson.

Episode 7
Title:¬†It’s A Maniqui’s World
Production Code: 110
Original Air Date: April 28th 2006
Plot:¬†It’s Miley’s bday and her Dad – a awful shopper without any awarness of it – is looking for a present at a mall. So Miley sneaks in the store which has a Hannah Montana inspired clothes stand, and pretends to be her maniqui to help her Dad out.

Episode 8
Title: Mascot Love
Production Code: 111
Original Air Date: April 28th 2006
Plot: Miley convinces Emily to try for cheerleading with her to spend more time together, but the master plan turns around when Emily makes it to the team and Miley ends up being the stinky pirate mascot.

Episode 9
Title: Ooh, Ooh, Itchy Woman
Production Code: 104
Original Air Date: June 16th 2006
Plot: Miley promises her Dad to be the good one during her school camp and not fight the mean popular girls but a series of events lead it to be impossible.

Episode 10
Title: Oh Say Can You Remember The Words?
Production Code: 113
Original Air Date: July 1st 2006
Plot: Miley laughs at Oliver for not being able to act Romeo and Julia because of stage fears until she forgets the words to the national athem in front of a crowd.

Episode 11
Title:¬†Oops!…I Meddled Again
Production Code: 107
Original Air Date: July 14th 2006
Plot: Miley and Emily get their friend Oliver in trouble by giving wrong dating advice via her Hannah Montana fan mail.

Special Episode
Title:¬†That’s So Suite Life of Hannah Montana
Original Air Date: July 27th 2006
Plot:¬†The special episode features crossover of three of the most popular Disney shows: Hannah Montana, That’s So Raven and The Suite Life of Cody and Zack, it features Hannah running into several of her fans in the hotel in different situations.

Episode 12
Title: On The Road Again
Production Code: 112
Original Air Date: July 27th 2006
Plot: Miley tries to get her Dad Robby to have his singing career back after she learns what a big star he was and believes he gave up on his dream.

Episode 13
Title:¬†You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Zit Is About You
Production Code: 106
Original Air Date: August 12th 2006
Plot:¬†Miley is the poster child for perfect skin until the campaign photographer decides to use a photo of her with a huge zit to promote the “before-and-after” and how everybody has zits. Miley will desperatedly try to sabotage the campaign to prevent the world from seeing a zit on her face, while she encourages her best-friend Lilly to appear in public with her glasses because looks don’t matter.

Episode 14
Title: New Kid In School
Production Code: 114
Original Air Date: August 18th 2006
Plot:¬†There’s a new kid in Miley’s school… and he happens to be a tv star! This causes great jelously in Miley to the point she’s thinking of letting the world know of her secret identity as Hannah Montana.

Episode 15
Title: More Than A Zombie To Me
Production Code: 116
Original Air Date: September 8th 2006
Plot:¬†Miley turns down Jake’s invitation to the school dance. Later, while under the identity of Hannah Montana she finds out Jake has feelings for a girl named Miley, and she decides to take his invitation… only to find out he had invited Lilly instead.

Episode 16
Title: Good Golly, Miss Dolly
Production Code: 118
Original Air Date: September 29th 2006
Plot:¬†Miley’s godmother from Tennesse comes visit, while Miley is in a boy crisis pretending she doesn’t have feelings for Jake. But the pretending won’t be able to go on for long, since she accidentally gave him a tape of herself saying how much she likes him.

Episode 17
Title: Torn Between Two Hannahs
Production Code: 126
Original Air Date: October 14th 2006
Plot:¬†This Halloween what’s really scarying Miley is her remarkably lookalike cousin from Tennessee, Luanne, who intends to reveal Miley’s huge secret to the world.

Episode 18
Title: People Who Use People
Production Code: 119
Original Air Date: November 3rd 2006
Plot:¬†Miley starts dating a boy to make Jake jelaous after finding out he’s dating somebody else. Could they ever admit they’re both trying to hide their feelings?

Episode 19
Title: Money For Nothing, Guilt For Free
Production Code: 115
Original Air Date: November 26th 2006
Plot:¬†Miley, Lilly and Olvier team up to beat Amber and Ashley at the school’s charity foundraiser.

Episode 20
Title: Debt It Be
Production Code: 120
Original Air Date: December 1st 2006
Plot:¬†Miley gets her first credit card and missuses it for the first time aswell. In an intent to keep her father from finding out her shopping spree debts, she sells her clothes and fake jewerly as Hannah Montana memoriabilia… only to find out the jewerly was real and she needs it back.

Episode 21
Title:¬†My Boyfriend’s Jackson and There’s Gonna Be Trouble
Original Air Date: January 1st 2007
Plot:¬†A paprazzi snaps some photos of Hannah hanging out with her real life brother Jackson, but the stars secret identety leads the crowds to believe he’s her new boyfriend.

Episode 22
Title: We Are Family: Now Get Me Some Water!
Production Code: 122
Original Air Date: January 7th 2007
Plot:¬†Miley makes a big mistake that ends up costing Jackson his job, so to make it up she offers him a job as her assistant… only to find out it was an even bigger mistake!

Episode 23
Title: School Bully
Production Code: 125
Original Air Date: January 19th 2007
Plot:¬†Miley’s got the school bully after her, a girl called “The Craker”, is constantly harrasing her.

Episode 24
Title: The Idol Side Of Me
Production Code: 117
Original Air Date: February 9th 2007
Plot:¬†Hannah Montana is holding a contest for a fan to perform with her in front on 3,000 people. Miley intends to trick supernasty popular classmate Amber to end up in the top 3 and embarasse herself in front of the crowd, but it turns out she’s a good singer.

Episode 25
Title: Smells Like Teen Sellout
Production Code: 123
Original Air Date: March 2nd 2007
Plot: Miley agrees to endorse a new perfume, but trouble start when the smell brings back bad memories to the young superstar.

Episode 26
Title: Bad Moose Rising
Production Code: 121
Original Air Date: March 30th 2007
Plot: Miley and Jackson are to look after their neighboards nasty niece.


Episode 27
Title: Me And Rico Down By The School Yard
Production Code: 203
Original Air Date: April 23rd 2007
Plot:¬†Rick claims to know Miley’s “secret” what gets her to become his gal pal at school. While the new kid in school, Thor, decides out of the blue to make Jackson his best friend.

Episode 28
Title: Cuffs Will Keep Us Together
Production Code: 201
Original Air Date: April 24th 2007
Plot: Miley and Lilly get on an awful fight and Oliver has the perfect solution for it: hand cuff them together. But he goes on to loosing the key just before a Hannah Montana live interview.

Episode 29
Title: You Are So Sue-able To Me
Production Code: 202
Original Air Date: April 25th 2007
Plot:¬†Lilly decides to sue her date after he stood her up. While Robbie and Thor go crazy over Jackson’s extra ticket for the Laker’s playoff game.

Episode 30
Title: Get Down, Study-udy-udy
Production Code: 203
Original Air Date: April 26th 2007
Plot: Miley will try all studying methods to get her grades up, after her Dad gives her an ultimatum to get better in school or forget about her Europe tour.

Episode 31
Title: I Am Hannah, Hear Me Croak
Production Code: 206
Original Air Date: April 27th 2007
Plot:¬†Miley gets the blues when she can’t sing after throat surgery, and starts dreaming about her Mum.

Episode 32
Title: You Gotta Not Fight For Your Right To Party
Production Code: 207
Original Air Date:May 4th 2007
Plot:¬†Miley and Jackson get grounded for fighting on the same weekend they have huge plans. For once they colaborate and… escape together, but they’ll get lost in the fog.

Episode 33
Title:¬†My Best Friend’s Boyfriend
Production Code: 209
Original Air Date: May 18th 2007
Plot:¬†Miley decides to step in when she notices Lilly’s boyfriend is cheating on her. Meanwhile Rico makes a huge deal out of a 7-dollar pair of sunglasses is stolen from his shop.

Episode 34
Title: Take This Job And Love It
Production Code: 210
Original Air Date: June 16th 2007
Plot:¬†Miley convinces Roxy to take up a security job for the President of the United States in hopes that she’ll give her some space. While Jackson pretends to be a motocross racer to impress girl.

Episode 35
Title: Achy Jakey Heart, Part Two
Production Code: 211
Original Air Date: June 24th 2007
Plot: Jake arrives back to Malibu eager to get back with Miley. Will she still want him back?

Episode 36
Title: Achy Jakey Heart, Part Two
Production Code: 212
Original Air Date: June 24th 2007
Plot:¬†Miley and Jake are officially a couple but they soon start to realize normal life together isn’t so easy. While Rico desperatedly tries to steal Jackson and Oliver’s popular cheese jerky recipe.

Episode 37
Title: Sleepwalk This Way
Production Code: 213
Original Air Date: July 7th 2007
Plot: Miley starts sleepwalking and being too honest with one too many people.

Episode 38
Title: When You Wish You Were The Star
Production Code: 205
Original Air Date: July 13th 2007
Plot: Miley still has to learn to be careful with what she wishes for in her double life as Hannah Montana.

Episode 39
Title:¬†I Want You To Want Me…To Go To Florida
Production Code: 208
Original Air Date: July 21st 2007
Plot:¬†Miley tries to get Roxy to save Hannah’s fans.

Episode 40
Title: Everybody Was Best Friend Fighting
Production Code: 215
Original Air Date: July 29th 2007
Plot: Lilly and Oliver battle over the extra ticket Miley got for a celebrity tenis tournament.

Episode 41
Title: Song Sung Bad
Production Code: 214
Original Air Date: August 4th 2007
Plot:¬†Emily records a song for her Mum but gets super upset cos it doesn’t sound too well. So Miley steps in to try improve it. Meanwhile Jackson tries to get Sarah and Rico together.

Episode 42
Title: Me and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas
Production Code: 217
Original Air Date: August 17th 2007
Plot:¬†Miley’s Dad is spending a lot of time with the Jonas Brothers getting Miley very annoyed. While Jackson tries to break the world record of Pogo-stick.

Episode 43
Title:¬†Don’t Stop Til You Get The Phone
Production Code: 222
Original Air Date: September 21st 2007
Plot:¬†When Miley’s dad won’t let her buy a new phone, she sells a Hannah picture to the press to buy her phone. Unfortunately the picture seems to be revealing her secret. Jackson gets a sun burn and doesn’t want Robbie to know.

Episode 44
Title:¬†That’s What Friends Are For?
Production Code: 224
Original Air Date: October 19th 2007
Plot: Jake Ryan comes back and wants to be just friends with Miley. Miley thinks this plan is perfect, but then finds out that Jake is doing a movie where he has to kiss her enemy Mikayla. Rico makes a bet that causes Oliver and Jackson to appreciate cleanliness more than ever.

Episode 45
Title:¬†Lilly’s Mom Has Got It Goin’ On
Production Code: 216
Original Air Date: November 10th 2007
Plot:¬†Robbie goes on a date with Lilly’s Mom, but when things don’t go as planned, Miley & Lilly fight over who’s at fault. Jackson and Rico pretend to be each other.

Episode 46
Title: I Will Always Loathe You
Production Code: 228
Original Air Date: September 21st 2007
Plot:¬†Miley wants to share her big award winning night with her Aunt Dolly and grandma Mamaw but they drag her into their long time feud. Rico is paralized by the camera, so Oliver and Rico have auditions for the best “Rico” to star in a commercial for the shack.

Episode 47
Title: Bye Bye Ball
Production Code: 220
Original Air Date: September 21st 2007
Plot:¬†Miley ruins Jackson’s most prized possession – an autographed baseball by Joey Vitolo – and has to go Hannah Montana to replace it.

Episode 48
Title:¬†Don’t Stop Til You Get The Phone
Production Code: 222
Original Air Date: March 21st 2008
Plot: Miley has to impress a really harsh critic on the same week Uncle Earl comes to visit in aims to become a rock star.

Episode 49
Title:¬†The Way We Almost Weren’t
Production Code: 219
Original Air Date: May 4th 2008
Plot:¬†Robbie takes Miley and Jackson to a cafe that has special meaning to him, but they don’t share his love for reminiscing. They later learn that’s where their parents first met. Meanwhile, Oliver and Lilly find themselves in a sticky situation.

Episode 50
Title:¬†You Didn’t Say It Was Your Birthday
Production Code: 225
Original Air Date: September 14th 2008
Plot:¬†Miley and Jackson forget their dad’s 40th birthday and will do desperate effords to make it look as part of a plan. Oliver and Lilly hope to rake in some green when they find a unique potato chip.

Episode 51
Title: Hannah In The Street With Diamonds
Production Code: 228
Original Air Date: SAugust 3rd 2008
Plot:¬†Miley is thrilled when Hannah receives a highly coveted award, but the prize quickly loses its luster when the award committee places it in an undesirable location. Rico enjoys tormenting Jackson’s temporary replacement: Robbie.

Episode 52
Title: Yet Another Side of Me
Production Code: 229
Original Air Date: September 14th 2008
Plot:¬†After meeting a Madonna-like megastar, Miley becomes insecure about Hannah image being always the same and believes she will lose her fan base to someone with more of an edge, so she’ll try new styles to keep up. Rico realizes that his wicked ways have left him friendless.

Episode 53
Title: The Test of My Love
Production Code: 221
Original Air Date: August 31st 2008
Plot:¬†Miley finds that four is a crowd when Trey brings his folks along on their first date. Robbie is forced to take drastic action after Jackson’s messy room takes on a life of its own.

Episode 54
Title: Joannie B. Goode
Production Code: 227
Original Air Date: September 14th 2008
Plot:¬†After Oliver starts dating Miley and Lilly’s arch rival Joannie, they must choose between tolerating her or losing their friendship with Oliver.

Episode 55
Title:¬†We’re All In This Date Together
Production Code: 230
Original Air Date: October 12th 2008
Plot:¬†A charity auction takes an interesting turn when Miley’s long time crush Johnny Collins and Rico get into a bidding war over an evening with Hannah.


Episode 56
Title:¬†Ready, Set, Don’t Drive
Production Code: 301
Original Air Date: November 9th 2008
Plot:¬†Although she’s hoping to be the first in her class to drive, Miley fails her driver’s license test. She then successfully schemes for a pass by returning to the exam office as Hannah Montana, wowing the star-struck clerk. But when Miley accidentally drives for miles with her turn signal on, she’s pulled over by a police officer, shows Hannah Montana’s license and is taken into custody until she can convince the police officer and his daughter that she’s really Hannah Montana. Meanwhile, it’s every man for himself with Rico as a house guest at the Stewarts.

Episode 57
Title:¬†He Ain’t a Hottie, He’s My Brother
Production Code: 302
Original Air Date: November 16th 2008
Plot:¬†Miley is horrified when she finds out that Lilly has a secret crush on Jackson, and is shocked to find out that Jackson has a crush on Lilly. To keep them apart, she tells them both that the other isn’t interested, but her conscience catches up with her.

Episode 58
Title:¬†Don’t Go Breaking My Tooth
Production Code: 303
Original Air Date: November 23rd 2008
Plot:¬†When Miley insists on going to the dentist without her father’s hand to hold she ultimately can’t go through with the treatment but doesn’t admit it to Robby. Her appearance as Hannah on a popular food show goes completely awry as a result of her swollen tooth.

Season 1 untrue rumored episodes: “Bionic Boy”.
Season 2 rumored episodes: “No Sugar, Sugar”.

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