We looove “Hannah Montana, one big reason is Miley Cyrus herself and the other how hilarious all the characters are! So here we’ve got together the best quotes of Hannah Montana by Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana, Lilly, Oliver, Jackson and Robbie in the episodes so far. Read on & re-live the great momemnts!

EPISODE 1 Lilly, Do You Want To Know A Secret?

Miley: “I say this because I care about you: get some help!”

Jackson: “Oh believe me, she’s screaming in the inside.”

Robbie: “This it this way Miley, he goes out with a girl, they fall in love, they get married and he moves out.”

EPISODE 2 Miley, Get Your Gum

Miley: “Yes, and maybe just maybe that’s insane!”

Miley: “Do u hear what you’re saying or is there a big roaring in ur ear?!”

Miley: “Look at you all upside-right”

EPISODE 3 She’s A Supersneak

Robbie: “Look at the size of this bad boy. We had quite a battle or two. First it was him, then it was me, then it was him, then it was me.”
Jackson: “Dad, you got it at the fish market.”

Miley: “But if you think about it, midterms are only half way to finals, so you only need to study about as half as hard, and since I study as twice as hard as everybody else, I only need to study a quarter. So I’m done. See how that works?”

EPISODE 4 Can’t Make You Love Hannah If You Don’t

Lilly: “You’re in California now, and we do do that here.”
[Jackson and Copper snicker] Miley: “What?”
Jackson: “She said ‘do-do!”

Lilly: “Good point, and besides…he probly doesn’t even know your alive, you’ll be like some dried up insect on the winshiled of his life. Not even in the center, you’re way off on the side where the wippers don’t reach, weet weet weet SPLAT! weet weet weet weet….”

Miley: “He loves Hannah Montana now, and we’re getting married. How do you think it went, you donut?!”

EPISODE 5 It’s My Party And I’ll Lie If I Want To

Lilly: “But the mall has cute clothes!”
Miley: “But the beach has cute boys.”
Lilly: “To the beach!”

Security Guard: “You know, she is kind of a dork.”
Hannah: “I know, but shes my dork.”

EPISODE 6 Grandmas Don’t Let Your Babies To Be Favorites

Lily: “Oh my gosh you’r Hannah Montana!!!”

Memaw: “For heavens sake, who does that woman think she is?”
[Pause] “Well that’s still no excuse!”

Oliver: “This is it. Jackson Stewart serving for the goal. This is, without a doubt, the most important serve of young Stewart’s life. If he blows this…”
[Memaw unplugs the microphone] Memaw: “Son, you sound a whole lot better when no one can hear you.”

EPISODE 7 It’s a Mannequin’s World

Miley: “The store made a mannequinn of me.”
Lilly: “That’s not a mannequinn that’s a hannahquinn miss montanaquinn.”
Miley: “Oh no.”
Lilly: “What? That was cuteiquinn!”

Billy Ray: “Miley let’s see that pretty new birthday number!”
[Miley pours tomato juice all over the dress] Miley: “Daddy there’s a tomato juice stain!”
[Miley dumps spaghetti all over her dress] Miley: “Mama mia! That’s a biga staina!”

Miley: “Right mittens?”
[Her shirt meows]

EPISODE 8 Maskot Love

Jackson: “Well, If I am going to be a plumber l am going to do this right.”
[Pulls down pants to where underwear is visible] Jackson: “Oh that breeze feels nice!!!”

Jackson: “Hey, come on, get out, I’m sneaking down the pipes now”
Oliver: “Uh, Jackson is Miley home?”
Jackson: “Don’t know.”
Oliver: “Do you know when she will be back?”
Jackson: “Don’t care.”
Oliver: “Can you tell her I stopped by?”
Jackson: “Don’t count on it!”

Jackson: “I have something to show you!”
[Oliver jumps behind a chair] Oliver: “Okay, ready!”
Jackson: “It was some water and unidentified sludge, get a tecknus shot and buck up happy camper!”

EPISODE 9 Ooh, Ooh, Itchy Woman

Miley: “Don’t hurt it!!! I named it…Linda… It’s Spanish for pretty.”
Billy Ray: “Well the I guess you are going to have to learn the Spanish word for squished.”

Billy Ray: “Hey Linda… do you know Achey Breaky Heart?”

Miley: “It’s called the scratch dance, see, it’s contagious!”

EPISODE 10 Oh, Say Can You Remember The Words?

Miley: “Come on Oliver, It did not take this long to write the play!”
Oliver: “Trust me this has been going on…forever…”
Oliver: [flashes back] “I’m a fruit fly! Abraham fruit fly!!!”

Hannah: “Ooh, say, can you see? By the dawns, early light…through yonder window break!!!”
[Audience Booing] Hannah: I’m a cup fly! You get it? Buzz?!”

Hannah: “How am I supposed to do this? I’m sweating through my wig!”
Bobby Ray: “Don’t worry I’ve got all the confidence in you.”
Bobby Ray: “If her mouth is open and nothing comes out, skip to commercial…and I mean pronto!”

EPISODE 11 Oops! I Meddled Again

Miley: “You are ONE evil little person!”
Rico: “Lets not start flattering now.”

Oliver: “You see, Miley has a desperate and deep love on me.”
Miley: “What he said…but with a little less feeling.”

Miley: “Because I’m a baaad chicken!!”
Miley: “Bwak-Bwak-Ba-bye!!”
Miley: “Sorry, all out of eggs.”

EPISODE 12 On The Road Again

Roxy: “Do you want me to tell her you aren’t here?”
Maddie: “But she is standing right there, I can see her!”
Roxy: “Not if her body guard says you can’t!!”

Miley: “A mulet in the front…”
[flips shirt] Miley: “And a party in the back…O YEA!”

Lily: “My dad owned a calculator…thats not the same is it!?!”

EPISODE 13 You’r So Vain, You Probably Think This Zit Is About You

Lily: “Your the poster child for perfect skin!”

EPISODE 14 New Kid in School

Miley: “Hes not the only star in this school!”
Reporter: “Really?!?! Who?!”
Miley: Me, I’m Hannah Montana!!!”

Miley “Hannah”: “My brother thinks he’s Elvis”